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zaterdag 20 december 2014

Some pictures of my life 💃

Another good evening,

I still don't know if it's goodevening or good evening. I will get to know it, I am sure. So I have 4 pictures what i laughed about.

Because 1 is me in the morning, this morning at uuuh I think 9 am. I was bored as hell. And i was working.. So then I make pictures of myself and I dont know why. The other one on the right is my dad's new car, it's a Volvo V40 for the people who want to know. On the bottom, you see blablablabla all over the wall. You can never tell me where that photo was taken. At my school hahaha. Why am I laughing ? Because I took it and made it into a game. There is 1 thing missing and 1 turned upside down. Don't know why, but it was fun. The other one on the right is a gift from a friend. That is a great story to tell. I came home from school, around 5 pm. My mom said it was for me, but I didn't order anything. So I was like WTF. I didn't want to open it because you hear some weird stuff that someone order something and send it to your house and you have to pay for it. I wanted to know what is in there, so i called the company who sended to me. The guy was laughing because it was a present for me. He told my friends name who did order. First thing I did when I hang up the phone, called that one special friend. I told her my story and we were laughing for 15 minutes or something. She bought this for me because I have to work on Christmas and I am going to work on New Years Evening for her. So eventually I was very very happy. It's soap and body lotion from Blond Amsterdam. Blond Amsterdam is kinda expensive. So that is what happend in a few months. I hope you liked it !!!!! 🙌

See you next time 💕


Lc Talking

vrijdag 19 december 2014

Back in time


Is that 1 word ? I don't really know. So it's been a long time that I have written something down. I decided to go back where I stopped bloggin. The last blog was in April, I guess. A lot of things have changed in that time. Oh my god where do I start. I was telling about my friends dad. After that I had to finish my school. It was a busy few months. I have my diploma (is that how you say this?) but yes. So I have the papers to start a own business in the Hospitality. But I decided to do something else, even I am not good in studying. I started a study in commercial economic, if you can understand what I am saying. Basically I want to do the sales in a company who's doing business in events. That would be really cool ! 

Yeah so that is what I am doing right now. I have vacation for two weeks. I really don't know what to do in those two weeks, but luckily I can work more. That has two good points:

1. my time will be filled 
2. I can spend more money for Christmas !!!

I cannot tell you how much I love Christmas. There will be a lot of presents, food, family and friends :). 
And I am happy because our project is kind of done, but not really. The 8th of January we will doing a pitch, what basically meants that we are doing a presentation infront of a lot of people. I am a little bit scared but I will be doing fine. And after the presentation you can win a 1000 euro's for the first place. The second place gets 500 euro's and the third 250 euro's. So I want to win :D.

This is it. I am done for now. Follow me on:

Halowaaa !!